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Student Absence

In the event of your child/ren being absent the following is required from the parent/caregiver:

  • a phone call (8757 2120), email (dl.0438.info@schools.sa.edu.au) or SMS (0488 535 079) is required with a short reason as to why the student is absent by 9:10am (eg family reasons, ill, etc)
  • a signed, dated note from a parent/caregiver explaining why the child was away and the date they were away MUST be received by the home group teacher on the students’ return (an email will not be accepted for this note – it must be an original signed and dated note). If a parent/caregiver has personally spoken to a member of staff regarding their child’s absence, a signed and dated note is still to be received by the school from the parent/caregiver
  • if an absence is planned (ie Dentist/Doctor appointment), a written note from a parent/caregiver can be sent in prior to the absence explaining why and when the student will be absent
  • if an absence of longer than two days is planned (eg family holiday), an ED175 – Application for Exemption from School is to be filled in by the parent/caregiver, signed and returned to the school for approval by the Principal or District Director PRIOR to the absence taking place (these forms can be obtained from the front office or sent home with students on request).

We have created a ‘Notification of Student Absence’ form for parents/caregivers to fill in when their child/ren are absent from school. These forms have been and will continue to be produced in our school newsletters. Please keep these on file at home for when you may require them. A note in the student’s diary/message book or on note paper is still acceptable from the parent/caregiver. All parent notes are kept at the school as per DECD policy.
If a note is not received your child/ren will be marked as “Absent Unexplained” and this information is then placed on the students’ end of semester report.
When your child/ren arrive late to class (after 8:50am) for school on any day they are required to report to the front office to sign in either with a parent/guardian, or with a written, signed and dated note explaining from their parent/guardian as to why they were late.
If you have not contacted the school by 9:15am to notify us of your child/ren’s absence you may receive a phone call or text message from school staff to enquire about your child’s absence on that day.
Please note that this is an Education Department policy. All schools are to follow this procedure.
If you have any concerns with this, please do not hesitate to contact the school for clarification. Thank you for your ongoing cooperation. Please continue to keep the lines of communication open.


Bus Absence Notification

To save parents a little bit of time, we have created a Bus Absence Notification form which is to be filled in and sent into the school front office when your child/ren will be absent from their normal bus routine. These are produced in each newsletter and the school appreciates parents cooperation by using them to notify us of bus absences. Alternatively, a note in their diary, or a phone call to the office (prior to 3:10pm) is also welcome communication with bus absences or changes to a students normal routine.