We believe that:
Parents are the first and most significant educators of their children and they are entitled and encouraged to join in the work of this preschool, in accordance with the directions of the Preschool Coordinator.

Children are individuals and we assist their learning, communication skills and total development through providing a safe, fun and stimulating learning environment,

Total development means challenging experiences in the physical, social, emotional and intellectual areas of a child’s growth and development.

We aim to help children develop:
a positive self concept
self discipline
a positive attitude toward learning
respect for the needs and rights of others and themselves
responsibility and organisation
respect and care for the environment and resources
cooperation and sharing
working as part of a group
self expression through speech, movement and creativity.
hand and body coordination
understandings about school behaviours
preliminary steps in writing
number recognition
reading readiness

Tintinara Preschool is: permission giving, collaborative, supportive,
risk taking and aiming for excellence!

We look forward to your involvement, cooperation and support.



Tintinara Preschool is a small rural school based preschool that is known for supporting children’s individuality. We are proud of our high level of positive engagement with parents and families. We are embracing of both staff and children being life-long learners and actively promote this. We are acknowledged by our community as having skilled staff in supporting children with special needs ... as in reality we see every single child as being unique and special in their own way!

The guiding principles of the National Quality Framework are:

The rights of the child are paramount
Children are successful, competent and capable learners
Equity, inclusion and diversity underpin the framework
Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are valued
The roles of parents and families is respected and supported
Best practice is expected in the provision of education and care services.

These guiding principles underpin our philosophy in conjunction with Belonging, Being and Becoming; the Early Years Learning Framework. The outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework are as follows:

Children have a strong sense of identity
Children are connected with and contribute to their world
Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
Children are confident and involved learners
Children are effective communicators.

Our daily ‘quality practices’ and interactions with the children that are in our care, through intentional planning of learning opportunities, are driven by the outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework.

At Tintinara Preschool, through our shared understandings of how children learn best, we believe that:
Every child is a unique individual complete with their own ‘virtual backpack’ that contains their prior knowledge and life experiences and this is acknowledged through our daily actions and interactions.

Children learn through play experiences designed to promote: high levels of engagement; be developmentally appropriate to the individual child and encourages each individual child to construct their own identities and understandings about the world.

Parents and families are a wonderful resource as they are their child’s first teachers. They bring with them a great diversity that is acknowledged and respected through our ‘open door’ policy that encourages their involvement and participation to a level that they are comfortable with.

In providing a safe, secure and supportive learning environment for each individual child in our care we will inspire, encourage and guide them to reach their full potential and to develop the necessary skills and abilities that are required for successful life-long learning.


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For more information regarding policies, please visit the DECD Policies and Procedures webpage for Early Childhood Services.

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