Leadership Team

Name Role
Mike Sadleir Principal
Amanda Parsons Deputy Principal; Head of Secondary School
Karen Schilling Co-Head of Junior School
Deirdre Duffy Co-Head of Junior School
Michelle Desmazures Preschool Coordinator

Teaching Staff

Name Role
Michelle Desmazures (0.6) Preschool
Nerida Schulz

Junior School – Reception-Year 1

Liz Koch Junior School - Year 1/2
Deirdre Duffy Junior School – Year 3/4
Karen Schilling Junior School - Year 5/6
Dylan Carter Secondary School - Year 7/8; PE
Tess Rohan Secondary School - Year 9/10; Home Ec; English; SRC Co-Cordinator
Dr Lila Marzec Secondary School - Year 11/12; Maths; Science
Julianne Wandel Junior School - Choir; German; SRC Co-Coordinator
Kate Morris (0.6) Secondary School - Ag
Sheryl Schilling (0.2) Art

School Support Officers

Name Role
Robynne Barrett Classroom Support
Val Fox Front Office; Finance Support
Keith Harkness Grounds; Maintenance; Pool Manager
David Kendrick Finance Manager; IT; Cleaner
Wendy Lawless Library Manager
Rainer Lilje Grounds; Maintenance
Courtney Manning Front Office; Newsletter; Buses; Science Laboratory
Rosemary March Library; Classroom Support
Toni Meyer Classroom Support
Nancilee Richards Youth Worker
Alana Schreiber Preschool Classroom Support
Lindy Scobie Classroom Support - Multilit